A day out for single mothers

Refer to: The Star (Saturday, 29 December 2007)
By Christina Low (christinalow@thestar.com.my)

More than 70 children together with their single mothers gathered for a day trip in conjunction with the Christmas celebration recently.

For the group, that’s under the guidance of Rumah Caring Kajang founder Wendy Yap, it was the first time this year they had the opportunity to go out and mingle with each other and have some fun.

According to Yap, the single mothers rarely have the opportunity to bring their children out on weekends or on school holidays due to financial constraints.

“They have to work to support their children as well as care for their elderly parents at home, with a meagre income, holidays and parties are not common in their everyday life,” said Yap.

Yap also added that the single mothers live on their own, as they want to be independent.

“Most of them live around the Kajang area and would meet up whenever possible to assist each other,” said Yap who tries to organise a smallscale day trip for the group each year on her own.

This time around, the trip included a bowling session at the Bangi Super Bowl Centre in Warta Shopping Complex in Kajang, before proceeding for lunch courtesy of KFC.

The group then adjourned to an optical shop in the complex where they were given free eye check ups.

“We always look forward to gatherings organised by Wendy. It has been like a family gathering since my husband passed away three years ago,” said Lee Meng Hong, 40.

Lee, a factory assistant has to look after her three school going children and doesn’t have the time and money to bring her children out as often as possible.

For Lee Hong Geok, 34, who lost her husband in a car accident seven years ago, the parties and group outings are something that she tries not to miss.

“It is an occasion where my children and I look forward to as we have known each other for years and we share our problems and sadness together,” said Lee.

Apart from the single mothers, six elderly folks from the Rumah Caring Kajang were also invited to partake in the fun.

For Yap the occasion was a priceless one.

“They use to come to me to pour out their feelings. While some kept their sadness to themselves, I was still able to see through it,” said Yap who’s happy that the ladies don’t feel so lonely nowadays as they can share their problems with each other.

Yap who started the group in 1999, hoped that one day she could organise a weekend trip for them to a resort or a nearby beach.

“They rarely get the opportunity to holiday, so I hope I can make their dreams come true,” said Yap.

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